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We believe anyone can understand payments if it is taught and explained in simple manner. Our courses help you to easily grasp and master payments through a simple and clear presentation of the underlying concepts. You get tips and tools to easily understand and successfully deliver your payments projects.

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Our Most Popular Courses

Right now we are offering one course: Payments fundamentals. There are upcoming courses on SEPA payments and Cross border payments.

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What Our Students Have to Say

The payments fundamentals course is just fantastic. I wish I took such a course when I started my career in the payment industry. Things would have been so much easier. It is truly a great course to master the basics and I recommend it without any reservation.
Berndt T.
From Stockholm, Sweden
After taking the payments fundamentals course, I feel very confident with my skills and abilities after only few months in the payments industry. The course content is just amazing. This is really the place to start when you begin in the payments industry. Thank you so much!
Amelia S.
From Sydney, Australia
If you want to master payments without spending too much time on it, then you should become a paymentee. After many years in the payment industry, I can finally recommend a training platform to my peers. The payments fundamentals course is simple, logic and enjoyable from the beginning to the end. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next courses
Ahmed M.
From Paris, France
I joined the payments fundamentals course as a free member. After taking the first three modules, I couldn't resist buying it. I have no regret because this is simply the best introductory course on the planet earth. Thanks to the quizzes inside and at the end of each module, I remained focus and really understood the content. Thank you.
William B.
From London, UK

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