Module 1 – Payments, Payment instruments and payment systems

Value 67 €

Module 2 – Payment systems models

Value 67 €

Module 3 – The Four Corner Model and participation to CSMs

Value 67 €

Module 4 – Clearing and settlement mechanisms

Value 67 €

Module 5 - Push and Pull payments and related risks

Value 67 €

Module 6 - Payments messages standards

Value 67 €

Module 7 - Domestic and International payments

Value 67 €

Module 8 - Payment processing value chain

Value 67 €

Module 9 – Regulations and Risks in payments

Value 67 €

Module 10 - Economic models in payments

Value 67 €

Module 11 – Main key players in the payment industry

Value 67 €

150+ Quiz Q&As

Brush up your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each module

Full Course Evaluation

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Below is the summary of the total value you will get :

Module 1: Payments, Payment instruments and payment systems 67 €
Module 2: Payment systems models 67 €
Module 3: The Four Corner Model and participation to CSMs 67 €
Module 4: Clearing and settlement Mechanisms 67 €
Module 5: Push payments, Pull payments and related risks 67 €
Module 6: Payments messages standards 67 €
Module 7: Domestic and International payments 97 €
Module 8: Payment processing value chain 67 €
Module 9: Regulations and Risks in payments 67 €
Module 10: Economic models in payments 97 €
Module 11: Main key players in the payment industry 67 €
Overall course assessment (40 questions) 97 €
Total value 894 €

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